Top 5 Surf Spots in Tenerife

Wonderful sunny beaches, friendly locals, and one of the best climates in Europe make Tenerife a paradise for surfers. Situated about 300 kilometers off the west coast of Africa, in the Atlantic Ocean, the largest and most diverse of Spain’s Canary Islands enjoys a pleasant sub-tropical climate, promising warm waters, eternal sunshine, and average daily […]

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Things to Know Before Traveling to Spain

📄 Documents Traveling to Spain is an exciting experience, but just like any other country in the world, getting in requires a series of documents and formalities. For instance, if you are a citizen of the European Union, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, or Liechtenstein you must hold a valid ID card or passport, but no Visa […]

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10 thigs yuo need to see in Barcelona

Good football team, great beaches, delightful tapas, and dreamy architecture. There’s just nothing bad about Barcelona, the Mediterranean seaside captial of Spain’s Cataluyna region. Here are a few can’t-miss attractions to put on your itinerary. 1.Sagrada Familia Your Barcelona trip isn’t complete without a visit to the Sagrada Familia (named a minor basilica by Pope Benedict XVI […]

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10 Of The Best Spanish Foods

That time when everyone visiting Spain was eager to try local classics such as paella, sangria, or tortilla Espanola seems long gone. Nowadays, more and more travelers want to get a true taste of Spanish cuisine, with all the regional specialties, century-old traditions, and Middle-Eastern influences that define it. And given the fact that Spain […]

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17 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Andalusia

There’s no place like Andalusia – the mesmerizing, sun-kissed Spanish region, where glorious palaces whisper of wealthy Moorish kings, and passionate flamenco is woven into the fabric of everyday life. The true essence of Spain is here, along the intricate cobbled lanes of a blindingly whitewashed village, in a majestic cathedral that soars into the […]

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Travel Guides, Tips & Trip Inspiration

Plan your holidays in Spain? We are for the fact that they are the most memorable, so we want to share some tips that you need to know right now. Read our TripServiceGroup Blog on this. Travel guides, trip and destination inspiration, travel advice and tips and much more…

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