User registration
The user can register on the website by: a) clicking register in the upper right corner of the site and filling in the required fields by entering e -mail address and password; b) using Facebook account.
Making an order
An order is being made when the customer has done the steps described in the rules below and pays or undertakes to pay the service price. When we receive a payment confirmation or the information that the payment was made, an order is automatically sent to the service provider at the indicated e-mail address. What should be done before making an order: 1. In Tripservicegroup.com website choose the wanted service; 2. Read and fully understand the information provided on the website about the specific service; 3. When you have familiarized yourself with information, press on the link to make an order or on the link to buy it; 4. Specify the number of services you would like to buy; 5. Next, read the rules and mark that you agree with it; 6. Choose a convenient way of payment and finish the order.
Provision of information
Before ordering services, the user is provided with information about the specific service provider, price of the service, payment procedure and the rules for canceling and services prepayment. If required, the service customer has the right to contact the service provider in the Tripserviceroup.com website and request for additional information.
The price of the services
In our website the prices are shown in Euros (€).The currency exchange tool shows the approximate currency. It is not completely accurate and information is not updated in real time. Prices for the services are determined by the service providers. Please note that any additional fees (e.g. cleaning, deposit, cancelling, etc.) may be charged upon ordering certain services (e.g. accommodation).
Payment order
All payments, depending on the payment method chosen by the customer, are made by transferring to the account belonging to the Tripservicegroup.com indicated on the website, or the bank account of the third party authorized by Tripservicegroup.com providing the payment services.
Service quality
Tripservicegroup.com does not determine the prices, quality and other terms of the provided services which is done by the third parties. The quality of the exact services is guaranteed by the particular service provider. In case of unforseen circumstances, the service provider can not suggest the service for the customer, the order can be canceled or the customer might be suggested with the analougus service.

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